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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Enterprise Data Management

Experienced in past large scale implementations, we are able to guide you in the areas of Data Management Maturity Assessment, Business Process Control Assessment & Remediation, Data Strategy Development & Implementation, Master Data Management, Data Marts, and Business Intelligence. Proper organization of data has become one of the main tenets of regulation. Ensure that you are taking the proper steps utilizing our guidance.

Finance Function Expertise

Trade execution and data flow to the general ledger, and beyond, are the staples of your organization. Ensure that your products and processes perform their very best every day, every month, and through the years. Our knowledge of Operations, Product Control, Regulatory, Treasury, and Risk functions, give us the capability to assist with issues ranging from process optimizations to major system migrations.

Program Management

Program Management

Business Analysis

Analysis, communication, and documentation are the bedrocks of a solid strategy. Let our team of business analysts bring light to your current state. Analyzing gaps and migrating your systems to more efficient processes allows us to implement your future state. Our attention to detail allows for a greater understanding of the way forward.

Business Process Migration

Business processes can become difficult to scale, hard to manage, and non-compliant over time. The addition of new issues through repeated process patching is common. The most efficient long term solution can be to take a fresh view of the issues and take on a migration towards better methods. We have implemented various migrations and are equipped to take on the challenge.

Technical Analysis

Our technical analysts are guided by their invaluable experience and knowledge. Whether designing quality systems from the ground up or enhancing your existing systems with new features, we will map out quality solutions to allow your organization to concentrate on your main focus: Business.

Technology Implementation

Expected results can be elusive without the right experienced team that can properly communicate, document, and implement your system needs. Our team of experts is able to take on projects of all sizes, local or enterprise. Whether you are looking to compliment your existing systems, migrate them over to compliant systems, or build from the ground up to replace tedious manual solutions, we are here to offer our expertise.

Interim Executive Leadership
Staff Augmentation Solutions

Interim Executive Leadership

CFO, CDO, & FP&A Management

We have the people and the resources to lead your organization through times of need. Let our extensive experience allow you to understand the situation and point you in the right direction going forward. It is imperitive that you are able to continue business as usual and avoid any surprises during times of transition. We have available resources with experience spanning the roles of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Data Officer, and FP&A Management.

Staff Augmentation Solutions

Staff Augmentation

We can fill your staffing needs in the areas of:

  • Trade Support

  • Core Operations

  • Documentation

  • Accounting / Finance

  • Regulatory Support

  • Information Technology

  • Data Analysis

  • Risk Support

  • Project Management

  • Data Governance

Core Practices Overview

Core Practices Overview

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

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